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 The Islamic Development Bank President, Meets Iranian VP, Participates in Council Meeting of Al Mustafa Prize for Science & Technology
The President of the Islamic Development Bank, Dr. Ahmad Mohamad Ali, attended the 4th Policymaking Council Meeting of Al Mustafa Prize for Science and Technology in Tehran on Tuesday .
 Economy Gradually Moving Away From Oil Revenues
"The budget bill submitted to the parliament by the administration for the next fiscal year is the least reliant upon oil revenues (in the history of the Islamic Republic of Iran)," President Hassan Rouhani said in a public address in the southern city of Bushehr on Tuesday.
 40 foreign firms willing to invest in Iran’s gas industry
Forty American, European, and Asian firms have announced their willingness to invest in Iran’s gas industry, according to an official with the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC).
French Firms Waiting
French Firms Waiting
French companies are keen to resume business in Iran including in the country’s untapped auto market, said Bruno Foucher, the French ambassador to Tehran, on Monday.
4th International Forum On InvestmentOpportunities In IRAN- East
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2nd International Conference on Investmentin Petrochemical Downstream Industries
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