Human Capabilities

Human Capabilities:

Tehran University (doorway semblance)

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• Iran has 80 Public universities ,25 private universities as well as a lot of Research institutes.

Sharif University of Technology

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• The number of students has increased from 170,000 students in 1979 to 4,350,000 million.
• About 700,000 students graduate from universities annually. 
• Total of Iranian students in universities are 4,400,000 that 1,920,000 of them are women.

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• Iranian students studying in 2390 universities (governmental and nongovernmental).
• Iran has 1,600,000 engineering students studying in Iranian universities.

Graduated students (Sharif University of Technology)


• About 14000 foreign students studying in Iran.
• About 3,200,000 students studying in Iranian high school (governmental and nongovernmental).

A student in laboratory

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• The average salary in Iran is 7,900,000 Rials ($330)